Authenticity is our reputation. We pride ourselves on the trust of our clients and our commitment to providing only authentic, luxury items. We view counterfeiting very seriously and we request that all designer handbags, jewelry, and accessories arrive at our stores with a) proof of authenticity or b) proof of payment/ownership at time of consignment. We are continuously updating our skills to identify counterfeit items and inspect every item for brand markings, holograms, date codes, hardware engravings, serial tags thoroughly. 

For clients who use a shipping service to send consignment items to Verve Fashion, if there is any suspicion that the item(s) are fake/counterfeit, we will contact the consignor to request a) proof of authenticity or b) proof of payment.

For items determined to be counterfeit the consignor a) may request that the item(s) be returned to them at their expense or b) authorize Verve Fashion to destroy the items.

Counterfeit, replicas and knockoffs are illegal and not accepted at anytime.